Understanding What's Inside Your Pillow

The Same Technology Used by NASA

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Space Inspired Shredded Memory Foam

Memory foam was initially designed to absorb the pressure of takeoff and landing for NASA astronauts. The same technology is now being used to relieve pressure from your head and body for a better night sleep.

Why Shredded?

Individual pieces of our NASA-inspired foam are shredded, allowing them to move freely within the pillow. This is going to offer shapeability, adjustability and breathability.

Customisable To Any Sleeping Position

Shredded memory foam allows us to adjust the pillow by adding or removing fill to create the perfect pillow for any sleeping position.


You can even do micro-adjustment to achieve the best body alignment.

Contouring Support

Our high-quality shredded memory form is slow rebounding, perfectly contouring to the shape of your head, thus providing optimal support. This helps in reducing stress, relieving aches, and pains.

Egg Drop Test

Shredded Memory Foam

Better support, pressure relief & comfort.

Other Polyester/Cotton Fill

Less supportive, lesser pressure relief.

Cool Gel Infused

Our shredded memory foam is Cool Blue-Gel infused to further reduce pillow temperature for extra comfort

No More Flat Pillow!

OraFlex has been strenuously lab tested to hold its shape for more than 2000 nights, supported by our 5 years never go flat warranty.

Superior Head & Neck Alignment

It supports your head & neck for neutral alignment, so you wake up feeling fresh & rejuvenated to start the new day.

Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant

Our proprietary shredded foam mix is inherently hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, without the need to add any dangerous chemicals as some products do.


Allergen-free and breathable in one package.

Non-Toxic Components

We use only freshly made CertiPUR-US® certified blue-gel infused shredded memory foam. Ensuring it is made without formaldehyde, mercury, lead, flame retardants, and has low VOC emissions.

Peace of Mind

No toxic and harmful chemical used, marking our pillow safe for you and your loved ones, thanks to our CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEK® certification.


There might be off-gassing smell but we ensure the foam smell is harmless. Air the pillow for a few days before using it.

700g of Goodness Per Pack

Available in 700g per pack, allowing you to add more firmness or loft to all your Ora Bedding's pillows.

The Perfect Fill

Ora Bedding Cool Gel Shredded Memory Foam

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