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Adjustable Pillows

Better Pillow, Better Sleep!
Natural & Breathable

100% Bamboo Sheet

Cooling | Silky | Sustainable
Natural & Eco-Friendly

100% Bamboo Towel

Ultra soft | Absorbent | Sustainable
Versatile & Supportive

Adjustable Body Pillow

The perfect body pillow for side sleepers!

Ora Bedding

“We excel in two things: the pursuit of quality in everything we do, and enabling better quality sleep to give you and your loved ones fresh inspiration to start the new day."

Our Promises

Unbeatable Value

Direct factory manufacturing ensuring the finest quality at the very best prices.

Responsible & Committed

We only partner with ethical suppiers who are both socially & environmentally committed.

International Certificates

We diligently went through extensive certifications to validate our claims; to give you that peace of mind.


Our products are never generic. They are all specifically engineered to improve sleeping quality.

"Better Bedding, Better Sleep!"

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  • Ora Bedding  

    Ora Bedding

    Our bedding products are designed in-house to be personalised to your body and sleep position for exceptional comfort.

  • Ora Scent  

    Ora Scent

    All our functional scents are formulated based on the scientific findings of aromachology, alongside the benefits aromatheray.


Ora Scent

"The promise of feeling good while smelling good"

Ora Scent Collection