We are ranked as one of the BEST pillows in SINGAPORE!

We are ranked as one of the BEST pillows in SINGAPORE!


best pillow in Singapore

Thank you BESTINSINGAPORE for the vote of confidence! We are really honored to be named alongside other renowned pillow makers and you can read below the write up about OraFlex: Adjustable Bamboo Pillow. The full article can be found here.


ORAFLEX: Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

Soft or Firm? You decide!

best pillow in singapore


Ora Bedding’s Adjustable Bamboo Pillow seeks to reinvent the traditional pillow and offer users customizable sleep.

OraFlex unique Quad-Ventilation™ tech comprises four key components. The breathable bamboo fabric, expandable 2” gusset, cool blue-gel infused shredded memory foam, and 360° venting mesh, resulting in superior heat dissipation and air circulation as well as reduced odours, enhanced comfort, and improve support.
Regardless of one’s preferred position while sleeping, OraFlex Adjustable Bamboo Pillow makes an excellent companion. It’s adjustable and shapeable, making it easy to sleep with it while on one’s back, tummy, or side.

It’s also worth noting that OraFlex Adjustable Bamboo Pillow makes an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin, given how it’s made with hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial materials. Moreover, it’s also easy to wash.

Those who are interested will be happy to know that Ora Bedding offers users a 30-night trial to see if the pillow suits them best. Upon registration, customers will also have a 5-years warranty for the pillow.

Going Soft on the Details – Essential Info

• CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEK® certification
• OraFlex Quad-Ventilation™ technology
• Adjustable to any sleeping position
• Comes with 5-years warranty
• Offers 30 nights trial
• Made with ultra-soft bamboo fabric
• Premium blue-gel infused shredded memory foam fill

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